THE FLIGHT OF MONDRIAN There are parallel women who live apparently complex lives with splashes of colour that flow together. Mondrian lives that merge horizontal planes with vertical ones while assembling basic colours; this collection is dedicated to them, with inlays or a mixture of knits and cloth with perimetric ribbons that are never decorative. Women in transparencies that reveal the body and shape it at a glance. Transparent ribbons in technical netting that decorate and make the knits three dimensional. Women who live directly, without bending, and then suddenly there is a colour, a hidden feeling. Blocks of flat colour, yellow, green, poison and deep blue, united blocks and drapes held together by leather jewels. Then, the colours of precious stones left on the sand. Pleated technical satin for deceptively simple garments that are strongly decorative and essential, opening and closing with the movement of the body. In these rich and valued parallel women, only the sensitivity of a daring stylishness allows drops of colour and fragments of truth to emerge.